Weekend Workshops

Exploring Classes
Ages: 7-10 (Grades 2-4)
Time: Saturday, 1pm-5pm (4 hrs)
Price: $45
Intro & Advanced Classes
Coming soon!

All the fun of a Techsplorers summer camp in one exciting day! Weekend Workshops run throughout the fall and spring and are located at the Montessori School of Raleigh (MSR) Lower Campus and at Fayetteville Christian School (FCS). Class descriptions are provided below the schedule. We are proud to partner with Girl Scouts to offer multiple workshops that can be completed to obtain Girl Scout badges. However, students do not have to be in Girl Scouts to participate in these workshops – engineering is for everyone!

Want to take one of our classes but the scheduled dates don't work for you? We are happy to create custom workshops! For more information about custom workshops and events contact Bianca McGhee at bmcghee@techsplorers.com.


Please do not wait until the last minute to register. Workshops with low enrollments are generally canceled 2 to 3 weeks in advance to give any registered individuals time to makes changes to their plans. If you are interested in a class but currently unsure if it may conflict with your schedule, the best way to tentatively reserve a seat and let us know of your interest is to fill out the provided registration form but skip the payment process. As the workshop gets closer, we will contact anyone on the roster who has not paid yet before making any final cancellation decisions.

2022-2023 Workshop Schedule

Date Class Grades Location Register
Oct 1 Exploring Mechanical Engineering + GS Inventor Badge 2-5 MSR (Raleigh) Closed
Nov 12 Exploring Civil Engineering + GS Inventor Badge
& Think Like An Engineer Badge
2-5 FCS (Fayetteville) Closed
Dec 10 Exploring Aerospace Engineering + GS Fling Flyer Badge 2-5 MSR (Raleigh) Closed

Note for Girl Scouts: Girl Scout badge workshops fulfill the requirements for badge completion but do not include the purchase of badges (available at the Girl Scout council). Badge workshops may also include non-Girl-Scout participants.


Exploring Workshops

Exploring Mechanical Engineering + Girl Scouts Inventor Badge

Discover the exciting world of mechanical engineering! Learn about simple machines and explore gravity, buoyancy, energy, work, and friction. Design roller coasters, construct a crash-test vehicle, and more!

Girl Scout Brownies can earn their Inventor Badge by completing this course.

Exploring Civil Engineering + Girl Scouts Inventor & Think Like an Engineer Badge

Discover the exciting world of civil engineering! Learn which shapes are the strongest, construct towers and bridges, and explore the forces of tension, compression, torsion, bending, and shear. If you like to build, this class is for you!

Girl Scout Brownies can earn their Inventor Badge and Juniors can earn their Think Like An Engineer Badge by completing this course.

Exploring Aerospace Engineering + Girls Scouts Fling Flyer Badge

Discover the exciting world of aerospace engineering! Learn about Newton and his laws of motion, investigate how airplanes fly, and explore the forces of lift, weight, thrust, and drag. Design hot air balloons, build gliders, and more!

Girl Scout Juniors can earn their Fling Flyer Badge by completing this course.