Intro to Arduino Kit

Level 3

Start your journey into programming with the most popular open-source prototyping platform in the world. While the platform originally developed for beginners with very little to no background in electronics and programming, Arduino is now used by everyone from hobbyists to professional engineers. With Arduino you can design your own custom circuits and then program them to do just about anything you want! Through this exciting hands-on kit you will learn the fundamentals of coding in Arduino, including how to blink an LED, use pulse width modulation (PWM) to mimic analog outputs, read a sensor, use serial commutation to send custom commands to the Arduino microprocessor vis USB, implement control structures, produce tones, and much more!

Note: Normally we require learners to follow the provided level progression, however, those who are more interested in learning programming may choose to begin their Techsplorers Project Kit journey in the Programming track with this Level 3 course (in which case the Starter Kit materials should be selected at checkout). You can always go back and start at the beginning later, but we must warn you, the better you understand hardware, the better equipped you will be to understand and make improvements to your Arduino projects.

What's Included?


The materials for this kit come in two versions: Starter and Arduino Only. The Starter Kit is for those who choose to jump directly into the Programming track without first completing the Level 1 & 2 Electronics modules. This kit includes all of the essential components needed for the projects in the Intro to Arduino learning guide.

For those who have purchased the Level 1 & 2 Electronics kits, all you need in addition to the materials you already have are the Arduino Uno microcontroller and a USB A-to-B cable, which are provided in the Arduino Only Kit.

Starter Kit: $79
Parts QTY
Arduino Uno 1
USB-A-to-USB-B Cable 1
Breadboard 1
Wiring Kit (140 Wires) 1
9V Battery 1
9V Battery Snaps 2
Resistor 1 kΩ 10
Red LED 2
Green LED 2
Photoresistor 2
NPN Transistor 2
Diode 2
Alligator Wires 4
Speaker 1


Arduino Only Kit: $49
Parts QTY
Arduino Uno 1
USB-A-to-USB-B Cable 1
Arduino kit materials

Digital Learning Guide

Gain invaluable practical experience while also learning the science behind how everything works! The Techsplorers learning method leverages the power of analogies to link new ideas to concepts you already know and pairs hands-on activities with written explanations to increase retention. Through detailed step-by-step guided lessons you will learn everything you need to know as you start your journey into electronics and programming.

The guide is provided in PDF form through the Google platform. This allows access from anywhere on any device (simply download the free Google Drive app) and ensures you will always have the most current version if any updates are added in the future. We also provide free virtual support for all of our kits. If you have any questions, contact us at and an expert will get back to you within 48 hours.

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Intro to Arduino
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