Components Super Kit

Talk about a wonderful selection of parts! It's hard to list everything in this kit.

We started with a great 540-piece resistor kit, which is critical. It comes with a box with lots of drawers and dividers specifically made for storing electrical components, but you'll have to double up a bit to make room for all the parts. Then we included the major ICs we use in class, timers, op amps, speaker drivers, potentiometers, PNP and NPN transistors, two colors of LEDs, standard diodes, alligator wires, some speakers, microphones, battery snaps, and of course, 3 high-quality solderless breadboards just like we use in class. We also picked out some key capacitor values and found a good deal on a big capacitor that's perfect for the speaker driver IC.

No, mom and dad, we didn't get carried away. These are the basic parts to get them going and let them adjust component values as they need to in order to get a design right.

You are out of excuses, kid! Now what cool thing did you build?

Why don't you start with that speaker driver IC, cut the cord on some broken iPod headphones, and tap into your iPod and make it play out on a speaker? How about you use the microphone, amplify it with an op amp (making sure you get plenty of distance between the speaker and mic so there's no feedback), and make a eavesdropping device? You've got thermistors. Why don't you use the op amp and your multimeter to make an electronic thermometer? Of course it has photoresistors in there too. The sky is the limit. Build an alarm system to keep little brother or sister out of your bedroom? Not a problem. These are just a fraction of the things you could make.

Now get out there and design some circuits! Yes, it will be hard. Yes, you'll blow some parts (everything in this kit has spares). But with motivation, effort, and persistence, you can do it. Now go make it happen!

Parts List

Components Super Kit QTY
540-Piece Resistor Kit w/ Storage Box 1
PNP Transistors 20
NPN Transistors 20
Diodes 20
Green LEDs 10
Red LEDs 10
Capacitor 0.1uF 20
Capacitor 1.0uF 10
Capacitor 180uF 10
Thermistors 3
LM386 3
NE556 4
LM741 Opamp 4
Photoresistors 4
Microphones 2
Alligator Wires 10
Breadboards 3
9V Battery Snaps 4
Speakers 2
Thumbwheel Potentiometers 5


Parts $121.46
+ NC Sales Tax $8.50
+ Shipping $13.96
TOTAL $143.93


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