Soldering Kit #2

Similiar to Soldering Kit #1, but with a more expensive temperature-adjustable digital soldering iron (the same one I use at home) and a much larger roll of 3% silver lead-free solder. The solder alone is $40 but it will last you a long time. Also includes a tip tinner/flux cup that helps re-tin the tip after cleaning with steel wool or sponge.

WARNING: Do not buy the wrong kind of solder if you go shopping on your own! If you see "60/40" on a roll of solder don't use it! It contains 60% lead which is toxic, especially to kids. I don't mind you buying stuff on your own, but please stay safe. You also need to avoid "acid core" solder (that's for plumbing, not electronics). Always solder over a ceramic tile and keep your hand tools clear of the soldering area.

I usually run my iron a little above 750F, but you'll need to experiment on your own a bit to find the temperature that works best. If you change the iron tip you may need to make adjustments to the setpoint. This is a 50W iron so it gets hot fast; don't hold it on there too long! When you develop some soldering skill you will find that a higher power iron actually reduces the heat on your parts because you can make the soldering connection faster and start cooling off the parts sooner.

If mom and dad buy you a nice soldering rig like this you had better make lots and lots of projects for them! Email me pictures of your "trophies" when you build a working project, I'd love to see them!

Parts List

Soldering Kit QTY
Digital Soldering Iron 1
Helping Hands 1
7.2 oz Solder 1
Desolder Braid 1
Desolder Pump 1
Tip Tinner 1
Solderable Breadboards 3


Parts $311.91
+ NC Sales Tax $21.83
+ Shipping $14.44
TOTAL $348.18
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