Soldering Kit #1

This is the same soldering iron that we use in class combined with several key items to help make soldering even easier. Includes a smaller conical tip, "helping hands" to hold things for you while you solder them, a solder sucker and wick to fix those inevitable "oops" solder bridges. The price was kept to a minimum while keeping quality tools.

WARNING: Do not buy the wrong kind of solder if you go shopping on your own! If you see "60/40" on a roll of solder don't use it! It contains 60% lead which is toxic, especially to kids. I don't mind you buying stuff on your own, but please stay safe. You also need to avoid "acid core" solder (that's for plumbing, not electronics).

A good quality temperature-controlled soldering iron is critical for working with lead-free solder. Do not cheap out and buy a $20 soldering iron. You will come to regret it. The copper tips on cheap irons wear out -- very rapidly losing their fine point -- and they get too hot or too cold causing bad solder joints. Quality tools are worth the price. If you use the right soldering iron and the more expensive 3% silver lead-free solder you won't have any problem soldering your electronic projects together. If you get the cheap soldering iron at your local electronics store or online you will spend your time debugging instead of inventing.

Remember, it takes some practice to get good at soldering, but you can do it. Always solder over a large ceramic tile. You can get nice 6" x 6" plain white tiles at any home improvement store for a couple dollars. Move your hands slowly and don't burn the soldering iron cord. Just like we taught you in class: go slow, be careful, and you'll do just fine.

This kit also includes 3 of the copper-clad perforated soldering breadboards like the ones we use in class. The copper pattern matches the solderless breadboard making it easy to copy from solderless to solderable, but learn to do it by reading the schematic!

Parts List

Soldering Kit QTY
Soldering Iron 1
Conical Iron Tip 1
Soldering Iron Stand 1
Helping Hands 1
0.43oz Solder 1
Solder Wick 1
Desolder Pump 1
Solderable Breadboards 3


Parts $117.88
+ NC Sales Tax $8.25
+ Shipping $12.63
TOTAL $138.76
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