Intro to Electrical Kit

The perfect way to get started techsploring electronics!

This project kit contains all of the parts and instructions needed to build 3 really wild sounding electronic circuits including some extra resistors and capacitors so that you can tune the circuits however you want or invent your own new circuits. These are the same circuits we build in the Electrical Engnieering class, plus a lot of extras:

Theremin Outer Space Siren Circuit: Invented by Mr. Dalton, this circuit is a phototheremin with a place that you touch allowing electricity to flow through your skin making it sound "outer spacey" (will not shock you, battery powered, totally safe).

R2D2 Circuit: Invented by a Techsplorers student, Miranda's Circuit adds to the Theremin base circuit allowing it to generate a wider variety of tone shifts that sound like bagpipes or R2D2. If you can learn this circuit, you will see the pathway to design an electronic keyboard as a home project.

Atari Punk Console: A famous circiut invented by Forest Mims III that's tricky to tune but can make some really amazing sounds once you get it setup just right.

(Optional) Online Learning Videos: In these videos, Mr. Dalton will walk you through how the circuits work, teach you about the 555 timer IC, resistors, capacitors, speakers, and show you how to follow the schematic diagrams to build the circuits! If you already took the Electrical Engineering course and just want the parts, that's perfectly fine too.

Note: Kit does not include jumper wires or alligator wires to hook up the speaker. It is just about impossible to find speakers with wires already soldered onto the lugs, and when you do, the price is way too high and the wire is stranded or frail and easy to break. It's better to do it yourself. Either solder some wires onto the lugs or just use a pair of your own alligator wires to connect to the speaker.

Also, as we teach in class, jumper wire kits are very expensive and unnecessary. You are better off buying a spool of wire and a pair of wire strippers so you can make your own jumper wires for a fraction of the cost and get exactly the length you want. Check out our Hand Tools Kit which contains wirestrippers, end cutters, needle nose, and 100 ft of wire -- just what you need to make your own wires and it goes perfectly with the Soldering Kit!

Parts List

Intro to EE Kit QTY
Breadboard 1
556 Timer ICs 4
Speaker 1
CDS Cells 4
9V Battery Snaps 2
Resistor 220Ω 10
Resistor 1KΩ 10
Resistor 2.2KΩ 10
Resistor 5.1KΩ 10
Resistor 10KΩ 10
Resistor 33KΩ 10
Resistor 100K 10
Resistor 1MΩ 10
Resistor 10MΩ 10
Capacitor 0.1uF 10
Capacitor 1.0uF 10


Parts $39.14
+ NC Sales Tax $2.74
+ Shipping $9.66

Parts $39.14
+ Online Learning Videos (Youtube account required) $20.00
+ NC Sales Tax $4.14
+ Shipping $9.66



Intro to Electronics Project Kit
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