Hand Tools Kit

These are the same high-quality hand tools we use in class. Don't get ripped off buying the jumper wire kits you used in class. They are ridiculously expensive. The only reason we use them is that time is precious in class and we can't afford to wait while you strip your own jumper wires. At home you have plenty of time to make the wires yourself. Plus you get exactly the length you want. Think about how far 100FT of wire goes! It will will take a long time to that many little jumper wires.

Also, always remember to wash your hands before and after you work with electronics. Washing before helps remove oil and salt from your hands so your jumper wires don't end up corroding in about 12 months, causing your circuit to stop working.

Do not use the needle-nose pliers to tighten bolts and don't cut anything other than small wires and component leads with your end cutters or wire stripper.

Parts List

Hand Tools Kit QTY
End Cutters 1
Needle-Nose Pliers 1
Wire Stripper 1
22 AWG Wire (100 ft) 1


Parts $50.51
+ NC Sales Tax $3.54
+ Shipping $9.45
TOTAL $63.49


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