Project Kits

Attending a Techsplorers Engineering Camp is great, but it's what you do at home after class ends that's going to turn you into a great design engineer one day. These project kits were carefully developed by Mr. Dalton to help you get started. Remember to email us if you have any questions and let us know if you invent any new circuits!

Intro to Electrical Kit Includes instructions and parts to build 3 really wild sounding electronic circuits and enough extra parts to tune them however you want or invent some new circuits of your own. Plus, online learning videos are available to teach you how they work!
Hand Tools and Wire Kit Includes the same high-quality hand tools used in class and a 100-ft roll of wire. You can make your own jumper wires like we showed you in class, get the exact length you want, and save a bunch of money in the process!
Soldering Kit #1 Includes the same soldering iron and stand used in class. Cheap soldering irons cause nothing but trouble. You need the right type of iron and some easy-to-work-with 3% silver lead-free solder.
Soldering Kit #2 Similar to Kit #1, but with a much nicer soldering iron — the same one I have on my bench at home — plus a big roll of lead-free solder
Soldering Kit #3 Similar to Kit #1, but with the extras removed to save cost. Includes the same soldering iron from class, a stand, and small roll of solder.
Components Super Kit Includes an extensive and carefully selected kit of components that can build all kinds of projects! See full description for more info.

Do we not have what you're looking for? Contact us and let us know what you need. We might be able to put a special kit together for you! Want to buy your own parts? Click here to see some recommended vendors.