In-School Field Trips

An exciting hands-on STEM experience right in your classroom!

Looking for a great way to bring hands-on STEM education to your school? Don’t want to deal with the cost and hassle of traveling?

In addition to Techsplorers lineup of incredible summer camps and workshops, we are proud to offer exciting, interactive, science and engineering experiences right in your classroom! Techsplorers highly customizable in-school field trips provide students of all ages with fun, engaging activities designed to stimulate their interest in science, technology, and engineering.

  • Engaging, hands-on STEM activities
  • All materials and staff provided
  • We come to you – no transportation required!
  • Choose from a wide variety science and engineering topics
  • Ideal for grades 2-8 (high school options available upon request)
  • Aligned with NC and national education standards

For more information, please contact or call 919-890-3136. We look forward to helping you inspire the scientists and engineers of tomorrow!

Standard Pricing

Single session: $250

Additional consecutive sessions: $200

Session length: 45-60 min

Capacity: 25 students

Seeking an in-school field trip experience that does not fit our standard model? Contact us to create a custom program that perfectly fits your needs!

Activity Options

Below are some of our favorite activities, which have been specifically designed to pack as much fun and learning as possible into a typical class period. Please contact us for more details about each of these activities. If you don't see anything below that would work for you or if you require a longer program, we are also happy to work with you to create a new program tailored to your exact specifications!

Mechanical Engineering:

  • Crash-Test Vehicles
  • Buoyancy Challenge
  • Marble Roller Coaster
  • Catapults

Aerospace Engineering:

  • Paper Airplane Science
  • Kites
  • Hot Air Balloons
  • Water Bottle Rockets
  • Slingshot Rockets

Civil Engineering:

  • Gumdrop Structures
  • Paper Structures
  • Cantilever Challenge


  • Electromagnets
  • Mini LED Lightsaber


  • Acids & Bases
  • Surface Tension & Marbling

Example Programs

Crash-Test Vehicles

Students work as a team to design and build a vehicle out of basic craft materials that can protect a passenger (raw egg) in a head-on collision.

NC Essential Standards: 3.P.1.1, 5.P.1.1, 7.P.2.1, 7.P.2.2

NGSS Standards: ETS1.A, ETS1.B, ETS1.C, 4-PS3-1, 4-PS3-3, MS-PS2-1

Possible Topics:

  • Engineering design process
  • Forces
  • Free body diagrams
  • Communication in engineering
  • Kinetic vs potential energy
  • Newton's Laws
  • Safety
  • Impact force
Mini LED Lightsaber

Students are introduced to the basic concepts of electricity and build their own LED lightsaber out of just a few simple materials.

NC Essential Standards: 4.P.3.1, 4.P.2.1, 6.P.3.3, 7.P.2.3

NGSS Standards: 2-PS1-1, 4-PS3-2

Possible Topics:

  • What is electricity?
  • Water analogy for electricity
  • Open and closed circuits
  • Basic electrical components
  • Conductors and insulators
  • Schematic symbols
  • Schematic diagrams
  • Light bulbs
Hot Air Balloons 

Students learn how convection and hot air balloons work and then test their own air hot air balloon designs with the goal of achieving the greatest height.

NC Essential Standards: 3.P.2.1, 3.P.2.2, 3.P.2.3, 5.P.3.1, 5.P.3.2, 6.P.2.2

NGSS Standards: ETS1.A, ETS1.B, ETS1.C, 4-PS3-4

Possible Topics:

  • Engineering design process
  • Gases
  • Properties of matter
  • Convection currents
  • Density
  • Temperature
  • Types of lighter-than-air craft
  • Forces