Line-following Robots

After a couple of weekends of tinkering, we finally got it working: a line-following robot (LFR) that doesn't require a microprocessor and software to control it!

We start the class with a brief overview of basic electronics and circuit building and then quickly move on to more advanced components and techniques. You'll learn everything from DC motors to optical sensors and voltage comparator circuits to transistors. This is Techsplorers, so you know that we're going to teach you how it works, and you'll learn things in this class that you won't see until you take a college engineering course.

Just wait until you see your robot race along the track, hugging the line! It's so awesome to watch it running once you get it tuned correctly. You can even build your own track for testing and modifying your LFR at home.

And this class is just the beginning!

Take the Arduino LFR class and we will show you how to replace the electronic control board with an Arduino UNO microprocessor board and teach you how to write software to control your robot. You can do anything from auto-calibrating line sensors to high-speed steering for straight sections of track -- the sky is the limit when you have a microprocessor under your command.



Note: The project built during class is sold separately. Students will be given the opportunity to buy their robot at the end of class.

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