Line-following Robot
Annual Competition

Because of the limited time allotted for the competition (Saturday only), you must take either Intro to LFR or Arduino LFR before competing.

Admission is FREE for anyone who has taken an LFR class in the past!

Each year we hold a competition to see who can design and build the best Line-Following Robot. The Techsplorers instructors and Mr. Dalton will also be racing against the students (but we can't win prizes or titles).

There are three classes of competition:

Alpha Class LFRs do not use software (see Intro to Line-Following Robots).
Omega Class LFRs use software (see Arduino-Controlled Line-Following Robots).
OPEN Class LFRs use more than one battery and have no restrictions.

All three classes are equal in rank. We suggest bringing multiple cars to the competition so you can compete in more than one class or having a car design that will allow you to swap out the control board.

Download a PDF of the Official Race Rules
View track specifications and instructions for making your own test track at home
View a list of useful parts and ideas for building your LFR

Annual Competition Scores

2015 Champion: Boltmaster (16.46 sec) 2015 Champion: 200% Hyperbole (9.63 sec)
2014 Champion: Alpha Bolt Master (24.44 sec) 2014 Champion: 200% Hyperbole (8.71 sec)
2015 Alpha Competition
Name Lap Time (s)
Boltmaster 16.46
Boltmaster 16.51
LineBot 16.85
LineBot 16.86
LineBot 17.03
Boltmaster 17.58
Indigo 26.77
2015 Omega Competition
Name Lap Time (s)
200% Hyperbole 9.63
TRTC 20.08
TRTC 21.35
TRTC 21.66
2015 Open Competition
Name Lap Time (s)
200% Hyperbole 7.07
2014 Alpha Competition
Name Lap Time (s)
Alpha Bolt Master 24.44
Alpha Bolt Master 27.19
Alpha Bolt Master 28.37
Wings 55.78
Nameless 70.13
Wings 83.00
Nameless 108.53
2014 Omega Competition
Name Lap Time (s)
200% Hyperbole 8.71
200% Hyperbole 11.10
200% Hyperbole 19.84
Kit 24.43
Kit 25.12
Kit 26.09
Bolt Master 26.28
Bolt Master 26.41
Bolt Master 26.78