Arduino Line-Following Robots

In Line-Following Robots, you learned hardware. In this class, you'll learn software.

The Arduino allows for all kinds of enhancements such as automatic optical sensor calibration, speed control, the ability to accelerate on straight track sections, the ability to tolerate both optical sensors going off the tape yet remembering which way to turn, and many other improvements!

When you learn how to harness the power of microprocessors and how to build circuits that allow them to control things, your home tinkering projects will reach a whole new level of sophistication. Imagine where you will be by the time you start college. This is the path to success in engineering.

We highly recommend students provide their own laptop for use in class. Students bringing their own laptop must install the Arduino software prior to the first day. Please click here for more details on laptop setup. It is also recommended, if possible, for students to purchase their Arduino UNO and USB cable ahead of time to test with the laptop.



Note: The project built during class is sold separately. Students will be given the opportunity to buy their robot at the end of class.

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