Infrared Music Transmitter

We've selected three of our most popular circuit designs—the AM radio transmitter, the intercom system, and the infrared remote control—to create this exciting new communications class! Everything is built from scratch and we teach you the engineering theory behind how the circuits work so you can tinker at home and create your own new inventions.

We’ll start by building the AM radio transmitter. Speak into the microphone and actually hear your voice coming out of a nearby radio! Then we’ll modify the transmitter circuit, amplify the signal, send it down a pair of long wires to a speaker and amplifier circuit at the other end, and viola, you have an intercom system. Then, the grand finale. You’ll take your iPod (or any music player with a headphone connector) and plug it into the original circuit to encode the music onto an invisible infrared light signal. The light beam will shoot through the air to a second circuit with an infrared detector and play your music through the speaker!

Just think: music riding on an invisible beam of light and YOU built it!



Note: The project built during class is sold separately. Students will be given the opportunity to buy their transmitter at the end of class.

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