Internal Combustion Engines

Student using ratchet to loosen engine bolt in mechanical engineering summer camp

Have you ever seen the inside of an engine? Do you want to learn how to use mechanics tools like ratchets and wrenches?

In this class, you are going to completely take apart a lawn mower engine and put it back together again! We'll learn how an engine works, how it was manufactured and designed by the engineers who created it, and the scientific theory behind 4-stroke and 2-stroke internal combustion engines.

Learn how to calculate engine displacement, how to compare the lawn mower engine to the engine in your family's car, and how turbochargers and superchargers are used to boost the output of an engine. You'll even learn how this relates to Octane ratings of gasoline and when and why you have to use premium gas — or suffer engine damage if you don't!

We're also going to teach you the basics of how to take mechanisms apart and put them back together correctly. There won't be any "oops, where did this go" when we're done. When Techsplorers CEO, Rodger Dalton, jumps his Motocross bike at 60mph, it's rather important to him that he assembled the rear suspension correctly the last time he greased it! You won't be ready to work on the family car after this class (it's an engineering class not a mechanic certification class), but you'll definitely have a new found respect for the mechanic who does.



Note: No, we won't start the engine afterwards. Sorry, you need a little more experience before that. Each engine has also already been taken apart at least once to clean it up and cut down on the disassembly time. We don't have a spare hour to deal with a pesky hard-to-loosen rusted bolt.

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Big thanks to Atlantic Coast Power Equipment, Inc. for generously donating some of the engines used in our class! Please support them! (919-284-0010)