Intro to Electrical Engineering & Electronics Merit Badge*

*You don't have to be in Scouts to participate in this class. For those who are in Scouts, we will cover most of the requirements for the Electronics Merit Badge, though some at-home research may also be required to complete the workbook (see Electronics Merit Badge Guidelines for more information). Merit Badges® and Scouts® are registered trademarks owned by Boy Scouts of America.

Start your journey into the exciting world of Electrical Engineering and electronics hobbying!

We'll begin with the very basics -- voltage, current, resistance, using a multimeter, and building circuits on a breadboard -- and you'll work your way up to building a really cool electronic circuit that you will solder together and take home with you. Yes, you heard right: soldering.

This amazing little circuit is an electronic musical instrument that can be played with just a wave of your hand. And after adding a few more electronic components it becomes the crazy-sounding Theremin Outer Space Siren, which gets its unique sound by allowing the electricity to flow through your body! The resistance of your skin becomes part of the electrical circuit!

From resistors to capacitors to integrated circuit chips, you will not believe how much you are going to learn in this class.



Note: There is a always slight risk of minor burns when soldering. However, we have never had any issues with soldering other than the occasional accidental touch of the hand causing a small blister burn.

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