Taking flight into
Aerospace Engineering

Have you ever wondered how planes fly or what it means to be a rocket scientist? Intro to Aerospace will teach you the fundamentals of aerospace engineering as well as the engineering design process. Students will learn everything from how planes and helicopters fly to Newton’s Laws of Motion and then use this knowledge to complete realistic engineering design challenges.

Each student will get to build, decorate, and launch a model rocket that will go hundreds of feet in the air! You'll even get to keep the rockets that you build (if you don’t lose them).

You'll also design and build a 3 different balsa wood gliders from scratch, utilizing your knowledge of wing theory, flight stability, aerospace structures, and an iterative engineering design process to optimize your design. And when you're done you'll compete in the on-going glider competition against all of the previous, current, and future Techsplorers students.

Students will work in groups to design and build a water bottle rocket and a lunar lander that will allow “astronauts” (a raw egg) to land safely on the ground without falling out of an unmodified “space capsule” (paper cup). These activities allows students to experience a realistic engineering design process from brainstorming to prototype presentation and testing.



Note: Rockets may be unrecoverable due to wind, trees, etc. We do not provide extra rockets to replace ones that get lost. Also, we will have a limited supply of balsa wood available for the glider activity; students are encouraged to bring in extra materials from home.

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