Running a small business like Techsplorers is not easy, but when we hear encouraging words from parents it helps give us the strength to keep going. Thank you so much for all your support and encouragement! And most of all, thank you for giving us the opportunity to work with a precious commodity: your gifted child, the engineer of tomorrow.


Once again, you have outdone yourself! Renzo had a mind-blasting week. When I picked him up each day he could not wait to tell me what he had done that day. Thank you, once again, for serving as his mentor. He really looks up to you. You have made a big footprint upon our son's intellect and imagination. You, without a doubt, are the 'rocket fuel' that is inspiring Renzo to pursue an engineering career.
Michelle B.

My boys, Leo and Oliver, are in your workshop this weekend. They left yesterday beaming and they couldn’t stop talking about how fun and engaging the day was. They enjoyed both of you as facilitators. I told them that this is how school is supposed to be everyday and they were shocked. Both of my boys have unique learning profiles (learning disabilities: dyslexia and other challenges) and they are typically hard to engage. I say that my boys are a sort of litmus test for authentic learning and gifted teachers. The two of you and your program have succeeded in engaging my boys… to the extent that they came home and combined their catapults with lego creations that lasted for HOURS of COOPERATIVE play! By 10pm, I had to force them to go to bed. At 6am, they are right back at catapult play again. This is the stuff of miracles - thank you!
Dee F.

Thank you so much for an excellent experience for Daniel this weekend! He was so excited to share with us all of the things he learned from you and he couldn't say enough about how lucky he was to have an experience like that with someone who loves what he does (his words). I'd say it was a very successful introductory class!! We will check our calendars for your Oct and Nov courses... Many thanks again for your sacrifice of time to help young people develop these interests!
Karen T.

My son participated in your lawnmower engine camp a few years ago at Ravenscroft. That class sparked an interest in small engines. He has since repaired many lawnmowers for our neighbors, rebuilt two go-kart engines and started a club at his high school call 'Motor Madness.'
Nancy L.

I am always searching for programs that each of my children will find interesting and educational -- but love when they are inspired... I know Tyler was inspired by these classes. I believe your enthusiasm plays a major part.
Ginny H.

Sawyer loved both camps and clearly learned a ton. You and your staff made the camps interesting and fun. Sadly, there are many teachers who will make those units boring, slow and overly difficult to understand, which will result in many kids instantly deciding that they will never take any interest and/or classes in engineering, ever! Thank you for stimulating enough interest in Sawyer around circuits, motors, engineering and science in general where she is now super excited to learn more and to come back again next year. Thank you!
Linda M.

Aidan had a great time at camp. He took the NC State Engineering camp the next week. He enjoyed the various activities at that camp, but he still talks mostly about yours. He felt like he learned quite a bit and was really challenged.
Marci C.

Clay had a fantastic time in camp. He learned so much and is so excited about what he learned. You did an excellent job... thank you. We will certainly look into the fall sessions.
Julie S.

It is people like you that give our kids such great opportunities to expand their minds and broaden their experiences like never before. If you have a flyer or anything else, I will be glad to give it to the people at Thales; but even if you don’t, I will be talking to them about the fun/learning opportunities that you provide.
Jennette T.

We've so enjoyed hearing about the things William learned at camp! It comes out in bits and pieces and I'm amazed at all that he seemed to take in. Is this a camp you do every summer? Do you have a mailing list for information? If so, please sign me up!
Lisa P.

My son, Neil, had a wonderful day at his first Techsplorers workshop last weekend. He attended the exploring engineering and loved it! The teacher was amazing and provoked a lot of thinking. He was really tired from using his brain and that is quite an accomplishment. I couldn't believe that the instructor was able to keep them engaged in meaningful activities for the whole time since it was such a small group. Thank you so much for providing this educational experience! I love that my son is able to explore different areas of science and technology especially since it is not taught in the elementary school curriculum and we don't have any engineers in the family. Thank you so much!
Kelly J.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for providing Ben with so much in such a short time. He is enamored with electrical engineering right now. He comes home from school with random schematic drawings in his backpack that he works on during school. His mind is absolutely exploding in such a great way.
Jocelyn G.

My son Glenn loved this camp and asked to do it again! Daily, he was excited to show me what he'd learned that day. Would like to give kudos to Ms. Barbara McNair and Ms. Maria Talarico at the Ravenscroft camp this past week for such a positive experience for my son! Wish Glenn was older to do some of the other camps, but we'll look forward to keeping an eye out for programming that he can do.
Gloria G.