Covid-19 Announcement: As of right now, states are in different stages of phased re-openings. Governors and local government have discussed the potential of running summer camp programs among other things. After careful consideration, the decision has been made by Techsplorers management to cancel all 2020 summer camps until more clarity on best opening procedures can be concretely identified. The health and safety of our children, families, and staff were at the forefront of this decision. As a result of this decision, all hiring as been put on hold. Please check back later for more updates.

Open Positions

Even if you are not an exact fit to the positions we have listed below, if you believe in what we do here at Techsplorers and think that you have something valuable to contribute to the cause, call us! We'll create a position here for you if it makes sense.

We consider many factors when hiring. The most important one is that you enjoy teaching and inspiring kids! You do not need to be a technical expert. We will give you the training you need to be confident in teaching the material. We are flexible on scheduling and can work around your calendar. Email resumes to or call 919-901-1197.

All positions require annual criminal background checks and you must have reliable transportation to and from class.


Lead Instructor for Exploring Engineering (Grades 2-4)

Position Type: Part-time
Availability: Summer weekdays (and optional Fall/Spring weekends)
Ideal Candidates: Elementary school teachers

If you enjoy working with younger children, our Exploring Engineering classes are full of lots of fun, hands-on, science experiments and engineering design challenges that are always a blast. STEM specialists and elementary school science teachers are ideal candidates, though not mandatory. The most important factor is experience working with younger students.

Lead Instructor for Techsploring (Grades 5-12)

Position Type: Part-time
Availability: Summer weekdays (and optional Fall/Spring weekends)
Ideal Candidates: Middle school and high school teachers

Techplorers upper-level courses are more technically-advanced and require more training to master the material, but if learning how to build a line-following robot or taking apart an engine sounds interesting and fun, you are the kind of instructor we are looking for! Experienced middle and high school teachers are ideal candidates, though not mandatory.

In-School and After School Instructor

Position Type: Part-time
Availability: Fall/Spring weekdays
Ideal Candidates: Retired teachers or stay-at-home parents

In-school field trips involve going into local schools to do a short activity that takes the place of the regularly scheduled class that day. This can be a great part-time job for a stay-at-home parent or retiree. A technical background and/or experience working with children is ideal but not mandatory (these short activities are not very technically challenging and can be easily mastered).

Assistant Instructors

Position Type: Part-time or Volunteer
Availability: Summer weekdays (and optional Fall/Spring weekends)
Ideal Candidates: Engineering and Education majors

Strengthen your technical skills while sharing your passion with the younger generation following in your footsteps. Ideal candidates have lots of hands-on practical experience (working on your own car, tinkering projects, robotics programs, Eagle Scouts, etc). Prior experience working with children is preferred but not mandatory. You must be enthusiastic with a positive attitude and a passion for engineering that you can share with the younger kids who look up to you as a role model.

High School Internships

Position Type: Volunteer
Availability: Summer weekdays (and optional Fall/Spring weekends)
Ideal Candidates: Previous Techsplorers students

This position is reserved for students who have prior experience taking Techsplorers classes with the knowledge and ability to help current students. Exceptions can be made if the candidate can demonstrate sufficient technical ability. A Summer internship with Techsplorers will hone your skills and give you valuable relevant experience to put on your college application.